Thursday, April 9, 2015

Adoption Day!!

My sister, Katie, and her husband have been foster parents to two beautiful little boys for 2 years now. On March 9th, it finally became official and they were adopted! They are such a joy to our lives and I adore them so much!!

Hawaii trip 2015

This year, we took a trip to Hawaii for our family birthdays. We are all in January.
Aaron -5th, Cooper - 11th, Connor - 22nd, Emily - 31st.
We had so much fun even though it was mainly a word trip. Aaron spent most of the vacation helping my grandma paint and fix up her house! I helped organize and declutter the inside.

painting Grandma's house

"helping" Daddy

rough day at church... so we hung out in rocks :)

 installing a ceiling fan... finally!!

garage sale to get rid of unwanted stuff... helping to clean/declutter Grandma's house

patching a hole in the roof!

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The Aulani character breakfast was so much fun!!

Goofy tried to say hi/touch Coop :(

Connor was the photographer for our hike up Manoa Falls :)

Every time we go to Hawaii, Connor begs to go to this McDonald's playland. This time, we finally went!!

birthday dinner :)

this boy loves his Grammy :)

New Years Eve game night

love this boy... sand and all!

local flea market time..

I think we wanted to eat EVERYTHING we saw at the local Farmer's Market!!

a snack on the beach ;)

Dole Pineapple Plantation. Connor and Aaron made it through the world's largest maze!!!